Incident in Safari Park

Incident in Safari Park
People abused the patience of cheetahs
A French married couple with three children ignored the main rule of the Netherlands safari park "never get out of the car" and was attacked by several cheetahs. One of the visitors took a video of how lucky these careless people were, and they were able to get to their car alive.

Safari park "Beks Bergen" is located in the Netherlands and occupies a large area, where more than 150 species of wild mammals and birds walk. Visitors are allowed to drive their cars and observe animals in conditions as close to natural as possible.

That's exactly what the French family of five did, which went to their Volkswagen to watch the animals and take pictures of them. Forgetting about caution, carefree tourists at least twice left their car and eventually were attacked by a group of cheetahs.

the main action at the end of the video