17-year-old teenager survived the crash of an airplane

Light aircraft Cessna 210 last Sunday, June 25, flew to Detroit. On board was 54-year-old Greg Boaz, his son Peyton and his wife Julia. Shortly before the planned landing, the airport controller received a message from the pilot about problems with the chassis, as well as a critically low fuel reserve.

At the appointed time, Cessna 210 did not land at the airport, and soon the rescue services received a signal about the crash on the city's street: the flying plane hit the tree, then another, hooked the power line, crashed to the ground and flared up.

Eyewitnesses watched in amazement as the twisted plane burns, when suddenly his door opened and from there rolled out the stunned 17-year-old Peyton Boaz. The young man quickly got to his feet, ran away from the fire and asked for help from standing idlers. Soon rescuers arrived and a wounded teenager, covered with burns, was taken to the hospital.

Now, according to doctors, Peyton's life does not threaten anything, he is on the mend and his mother and sister are on duty at his bed. And the other passengers of the plane were unlucky - Greg and Julia Boaz were killed.